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Hello – I found Chris Rowthorn on the Internet. On his website, I reviewed his walking tours of Kyoto and then I emailed him and he assigned us a guide from his company. We did not have Chris as our tour guide. We had a lovely guide in Kyoto for 2 days. Her name was Koko and I would highly recommend her.

Definitely go to Kyoto, if you can, while you are in Japan.

yes just back from Hong Kong and used a great guide for a 6 hour walking tour of city. Her name is Shermone and we had a wonderful time with her young energitic and took us on a historical tour of Hong Kong then we went to Kowloon… we used the Star Ferry, Tram and subway very nice day.. hope that helps

We used the Chris Rowthorn agency to book two wonderful guides last year in Hong Kong. This was our second visit to Hong Kong, but the first time we did not use guides. We got so much more out of the second visit! Here’s the email for the Chris Rowthorn agency:

Here’s another thought for Kyoto. I gather from your reply that you’re only spending a single day there. If that’s the case, I’m sure you’ll want to maximize your time and having a good guide could make your brief stay as memorable as possible. You may wish to contact Chris Rowthorn Tours. They operate walking tours along pre-planned routes in Kyoto and are also available for customized travel. They have an excellent reputation.

Both of these guides work for Chris Rowthorn’s organization which is headquartered in Kyoto but offers guiding services in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

We toured the Kowloon side with M. and the Hong Kong side with J. Two very different experiences but each a wonderful guide.

Walking through Kowloon, M. talked about the products we saw in many of the stores in Kowloon so we got an excellent idea about the traditional Chinese lifestyle. She took us for a wonderful dim sum lunch and we ate on the less touristy floor.

J. is an American expat and he is filled with intersting stories about the history of Hong Kong as a British colony and, now, as a part of China. Jim shared lots of information but did so in an appealing way. I think J. would also do a good job on the Kowloon tour since the Hong Kong side includes a section where the dried fish stores cluster and another section where the herbal medicine stores cluster. Jim did a fine job explaining those.