The Cheapest Country in the Developed World

Japan’s image as an expensive country dates back to so-called Bubble Economy period of the late 1980s. Japan is no longer prohibitively expensive. In fact, Japan may now be the cheapest country in the developed world. This is because Japan has had almost no inflation for the last decade or so, while prices elsewhere have skyrocketed. And, on top of this, the yen has recently fallen in value, meaning that your money now buys a LOT more in Japan. If you think I’m making this up, please see the figures below for reference.

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Price comparison between Japan and the rest of the world

(The following figures are based on yen exchange rates as of June 7, 2014.)

Average cost of a meal for two a midrange restaurant *
City Local Currency U.S. Dollars
London £50 $84
New York US$76 $76
Sydney AU$79 $73
Paris €53 $72
Frankfurt €46 $62
Toronto C$61 $55
Tokyo ¥4334 $42
Kyoto** ¥2200 $21
* Figures based on cost of living calculator data. Exchange rates were current as of June 7, 2014.
** I believe that’s Kyoto figures are a bit low. In my experience, a meal for two at a midrange restaurant in Kyoto averages about Y3500 (US$44). Even with this higher figure, it is clear that Kyoto is far cheaper than any of the cities listed above. The same holds true for Tokyo. 
Average rates for a room in a Hyatt hotel in US dollars *
Hyatt Vendome Paris US$1157
Hyatt Regency London Park US$745
Hyatt Sydney Park US$735
Grand Hyatt Berlin US$422
Hyatt Regency San Francisco US$369
Hyatt Regency Tokyo US$245
Hyatt Regency Kyoto US$217
* Figures based on data as of June 7, 2014.