• Time: 6 hours
  • Fee: ¥36,000
  • Expenses: about ¥2,500 per person

This tour is the perfect way to sample the incredible modern metropolis of Tokyo, Asia’s city of the future. This is a great tour for those who will continue on to Kyoto (where you will see the traditional side of Japan).

You’ll start by exploring one of Tokyo’s busiest urban hubs: the seething skyscraper-studded city-within-a-city of Shinjuku (the setting for “Lost in Translation” among many other Tokyo films). This is the Tokyo of your imagination: big buildings, flashing lights, crowds of businesspeople, neon lights and busy streets. You’ll start on the business-oriented west side, then head over to the nightlife district of Kabukicho, on the east side, stopping en route to visit atmospheric Omoide Yokocho (a restaurant alley hidden under the train tracks).

Finally, you’ll head to nearby Harajuku, where you’ll stroll through the woods to visit Tokyo’s most important Shinto shrine: Meiji-jingu.

This tour takes about six hours. You’ll eat lunch en route. If you wish, your guide can drop you back at your hotel (please notify your guide at the beginning of the tour if you’d like to be dropped off at your hotel or at another destination).

Of course, we can alter this tour as you wish to take in a specific area of interest. Please notify us in advance if you wish to do so. Note that if modifying the tour requires extensive planning or research, we will have to charge a consulting fee.

As with all our other tours, this tour is completely private. We do not put groups together.

The walk costs ¥36,000 per group (NOT per person) plus expenses that average about ¥2,500 per person (entry fees, lunch etc). Note that we offer a four-hour version of this tour for ¥30,000 per group (NOT per person) plus expenses that average about ¥2,500 per person (entry fees, lunch etc). The four-hour version covers some but not all of the sights in the normal route.

To book a tour, contact us.