If you’re an experienced traveler but you just need a bit of help, we’re here for you. From high-level (when to go) to granular (great ryokan, hotels, transport advice and walking routes etc), we will save you time and money and make your trip truly memorable.

If you believe in quality over quantity and prefer a relaxed pace and secret gems over checklist tourism and “bouncing around,” then we speak your language. So, send us an email and let’s start planning!

We charge 27,000 yen (about US$190, CA$251/€173/£149) per hour for consulting.

Payment is via PayPal. We keep accurate records of how much time we spend and we inform you as we go, so there are no surprises. And we work efficiently and fast.

Please note that we are offering consulting service and not travel agent services here. We can book our walking tours and geisha entertainment for you, but we do not book accommodation, restaurants, transport or experiences. However, we give you all the information that you need to book those things yourself at the best rates.

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