• Time: 2 hours
  • Fee: ¥25,000
  • Expenses: about ¥1,000 per person

When night falls and the lights come on, Tokyo becomes a magical place. It’s filled with secret corners, hidden alleys and an endless number of intriguing restaurants, bars and clubs. Needless to say, having a guide to show you around and explain what you’re seeing is the best way to experience Tokyo by night. This tour takes in both traditional and modern Tokyo nightlife districts.

You’ll start at Kagurazaka, an atmospheric collection of traditional restaurants and bars located along pedestrian-only lanes on Kagurazaka Hill. It is known as one of the high-class evening entertainment towns where many novel writers, politicians, secretly meet their friends and acquaintances over dinner. You will stroll the back alleys where you might like to come back the following day for lunch which are served in a reasonable price with an ambience of a traditional Japanese restaurant only known to the local regular clients.

Next you will move to Shimbashi, which is a popular gathering spot for the city’s army of “salarymen.” You haven’t seen Tokyo until you’ve seen it by night. This is when the city really comes alive. The tour takes in several districts popular for after-work drinks.

Then you’ll walk through the restaurant-studded Corrido-gai Alley before visiting Yurakucho Yatai Alley.  This yatai alley is filled with bars and restaurants with simple furniture, some looking almost temporal stalls. These are the rhetoric scenery from mid 60’s of Japan’s economic booming period where company workmen enjoyed inexpensive dining and drinking with their colleagues before returning home. Today, the bars and restaurants are also enjoyed by many working women and groups of youngsters. The stores are amazingly kept clean and serve good quality food for the price.

However, these places in the tour tend to be quiet on the weekends thus, the tour is recommended to be performed between Monday and Friday to see the workers enjoying ‘after-five’ hours.

Please note that this is not a food tasting tour. We do not stop during the tour to sample food during the tour. However, at the conclusion of the tour, your guide will escort you to a restaurant of your choice in Yurakucho or Ginza area and help you order some dishes to start you dinner. The guide will leave you there so that you will enjoy the dinner within your group.

This tour takes about two hours. Please note that we do not offer this tour on Sundays.

As with all our other tours, this tour is completely private. We do not put groups together.

The walk costs ¥25,000 per group (NOT per person) plus expenses that average about ¥1,000 per person (snacks, sundries, etc).

To book a tour, contact us.