• Time: 4 hours
  • Fee (regular/low-season): ¥33,000/¥30,000
  • Expenses: about ¥1,140 per person

This beautiful hike is the perfect half-day trip out of the city. You start with a 30-minute train ride up to the lovely mountain village of Kurama, nestled in the Kitayama Mountains north of Kyoto. Then, you hike up and over Mt Kurama, via the mystical Kurama-dera Temple.

You descend into Kibune, an incredibly quaint riverside village on the other side of the mountain. Finally, you walk or take a bus down to the train station at Kibune-guchi.

This hike can be done by anyone in good physical condition, but note that it involves some climbing and some uneven terrain, so please be sure that you are comfortable with this before booking.

The guide will meet you at a hotel/ryokan in Kyoto or at a meeting point at Kyoto Station. The end point of the walk is at Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto (your guide can give you detailed directions on how to return to your hotel or ryokan from there).

Per-person expenses are as follows:

  • ¥420 train from Demachiyanagi to Kurama
  • ¥420 train from Kibune-guchi to Demachiyanagi
  • ¥300 entry to Kurama-dera Temple

We also ask that you cover these fees for your guide. Additional expenses might include snacks or drinks purchased en route, and transport between your hotel and Demachiyanagi Station.

We suggest starting this walk at 9:00 AM because wild boars and bears have been spotted in the mountains and they are most active in the late afternoon.

To book a walk, contact us.